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I want to inform about woman you realize i love you

I want to inform about woman you realize i love you

Every where we been, we become learning getting to anywhere i will be

And where i will be is when i want and I also’m likely to the land that is promised

I don’t always understand my way, however in faith and Love I overstand

That when we ask up for guidance, i am led by the almighty hand

And each time we’m experiencing prompted, we simply simply take my electric guitar in my own two fingers

Jah adore is all that I man need to achieve that holy Zion land

And I also will not allow them to go on it away, no we guy, I will not be led astray

And I won’t need to drive no one’s coattails, and I also do not need no one to put on my hand

I am gonna allow it to be by myself two legs

I am gonna allow it to be back at my bloodstream, perspiration and rips

I am gonna ensure it is, perhaps maybe not gonna fake it, not a way

They stated get a qualification however it was not in my situation

Advanced schooling for the Almighty through music, show me personally Love, show us to make use of it

All we ever desired would be to spread Jah prefer, therefore the only method that i really could rise above had been music, sweet Jah reggae music

So every note we plays is always to provide praise, this is exactly why we play electric electric guitar and I also sing

And I also would not trade these sores on my hands for no http://www.datingreviewer.net/jackd-vs-grindr diamond bands

We sing only for the Love of Jah music, to carry you up if you’re worn and tattered

And if we sound just a little bit hoarse it’s ‘cause I been performing because the time I became created

And I also simply wanna sing a little bit more, and I also’m certain that it is possible to feel me personally

Have no need for you to definitely understand simply where i am originating from, but i would like you to feel me personally

Therefore go on it and work out it your personal track

Plus don’t you allow them to away take it

No never you allow them to lead you astray

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